Other Services

Air Craft Chartering

We are one of the pioneers in air craft chartering services in Dubai. We commence our chartering operation with the biggest commercial freighter AN 124. Our character activities continue with many more AN 124s, B707, AN-12, TU 154, IL76TD, K-767D to various CIS distributions as well as Africa and European gateways.

Multi-Model Shipping

AJ World Cargo FZCO is experienced in handling multi-model shipments safely and providing speedy service. Whether it is sea/air or air/sea or sea/land or land/sea or even in most complicated cases combination of all three sea/air/land.

Customs Clearance

We are actively involved in the clearance process of import, export, trans shipment and re-export of the goods. We clear your shipments in shortest time possible.

One of AJ World Cargo FZCO specialties is the customs clearance whether at the airports, sea ports, or borders in any country, which includes:

  • Arranging necessary documentation through customs department
  • Cargo tracking
  • Container leasing
  • Notifying concerned parties

Following releasing procedures up to delivery;

Warehousing & Distribution

We have well equipped warehouse complex located at Dubai Airport Free Zone area for air shipments. We offer short and long term storage facilities.

AJ World Cargo FZCO also provides warehousing and distribution facilities in almost every city in UAE and in other parts of the world through our approved agents.

Warehouses are fully equipped, from tracking system to security and insurance. All types of goods can be stored with special areas for perishable and flammable goods.

AJ World Cargo FZCO has professional staff that handles distribution project goods and it also satisfies supply chain and logistics operations.

Packing, Removal and Crating

We offer you a complete solution to your packing and removals. Our team of dedicated packers is well experienced in the packing and removal of all types of goods.

AJ World Cargo FZCO can safely move your shipment to another country while your goods can be packed / crated and shifted. We are specialized in handling household goods and personal effects from door to door.

This starts from professional packing which is the base and further steps follow:

Having this facility, you can assure safely arrival of your cargo in the hands of the receiver.


Project Transportation

Project transporters (Complete Project Implementation from Shipment to Custom Clearing and Transportation Including Heavy Lift and Over Dimensional Cargo Haulage Up-to Site)

AJ World Cargo FZCO is committed to personalized services to its customers. Once you hand your valuable cargo to us, we will provide you with peace of mind. That is one of the core principles of the company.

Insurance Services

All our consignments are covered by insurance therefore assuring complete safety of goods without any liability.

Our consulting company handles insurance coverage based on requirements. We have professional experts related to all commodities and any type of documentation formalities in the shipping industry. Analysis of projects to find best effective solution.

AJ World Cargo FZCO also provides insurance services to all UAE movement with maximum covered of cargo with minimum insurance premium which was our attractive achievement.

Door – To – Door Service

With the active participation of our overseas agents we provide a complete door-to-door service to deliver your goods to any destination.

Exhibitions Goods

We handle complete exhibition goods. In line with our overseas agents, we establish contact with our supplier; move the goods by air/sea to the destination. At the end of the exhibition, we forward back the goods to its origin or to another destination according to your order.

AJ World Cargo FZCO is one of the leading freight forwarders in handling and organizing exhibition, goods clearance and transportation services and then re-exports according to their requirements.

Specialized type of fairs and exhibition especially in the Middle East